Early Morning Walk On The Shore Of Lake Lugano

It was our second day in Lugano and witnessing the magnificent morning vistas of the Lugano valley was on the top of our bucket list.

After having an early breakfast I and my husband Sanka took off towards the lake shore of the residential area of Paradiso. It was about 5 minute short walk from our hotel to the lake front.

The late October weather was mild and since it was a Sunday morning the alleys were very quiet. As we reached the waterfront we could spot only several joggers and morning strollers leisurely walking along the promenade.

The morning fog over the lake was wearing off yet we were lucky enough to witness the beautiful sunrise over the mountains. It was worth enough waking up so early in the morning just to behold the magnificent panoramic view of the Lake Lugano and the valley behind.

We stopped by the Lugano Paradiso Ferry Terminal and sat at the small eatery to savor a hot coffee. So this is a small tip from me if you are planning to capture the picturesque views of Lugano.

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